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(05/01/2008)... Opening the MX-136, I found that McIntosh eschewed trendiness in favor of tradition.... The MX-136 is a full-sized unit with a nine-inch-tall by 17-and-three-quarter-inch-wide faceplate on an 18-and-three-quarter-inch-deep chassis, weighing 31 pounds...»read full review

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(10/12/2008)...McIntosh Laboratories has been an icon in both American manufacturing and the audio world for five decades.... The McIntosh Laboratories brand has become so well known and respected that there is now a coffee table book on the company.... This decision is made clear by the MX-136's HDMI ports which accept video only.... The audio connections include two pairs of balanced audio connections and a 7.1 analog input.... Features include the ability to custom name inputs, a second zone, night mode, video scaling and transcoding to HDMI and more...»read full review

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