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MSRP: $1,199.00
Release Year: 2008

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(10/06/2008)...Of course, technology has advanced significantly in the past decade.... Many have more amplified channels than Hillary Clinton has pant suits.... I even reviewed one for a few years ago. But the separates I reviewed here are not simply a case of cutting the baby in half. This here is a new species.... The company also offers a solid-black option for these components.... Their small diameter is more reminiscent of car stereo than home theater. Two rows of small buttons to the right of the central volume knob control source selection and surround processing modes...»read full review

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(06/12/2008)...They have a reputation for quality and power and great aesthetics.... If you are looking to beef up your home theater or just have a touch of the upgrade bug, the RMB-1085 is a little firecracker of an amp that might be what you've been looking for.... Usually, we'd try to send it down to Gene's but he's been busy with other amp and receiver measurements.... Any chance of getting some power and distortion measurements on the Rotel amp. As you point out in your article, linearity and low distortion have been a chanlange for calss D amps in the past.... For that price the build quality seems to be lacking. If i am spending over a grand on a single component I expect something nicer than stamped chassis...»read full review

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