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(01/01/2008)...McIntosh is at the top of the list. Throughout the 1970s, McIntosh was the iconic symbol of all things good and high-end when it came to two-channel music.... Another giveaway sign that the MC207 is classic McIntosh is its size, measuring in at almost 10 inches tall by 17-and-a-half inches wide and 18-and-three-quarters inches deep.... As I turned my attention to the rear of the MC207, I noticed that, looking at the unit from the back of the faceplate, it appears as if the outside casing has been removed.... On the rear of the MC207, there are seven pairs of five-way binding posts, three pairs on either side, with a single pair for the center channel speaker resting in the center.... Also on the back of the MC207 is an impedance switch, which can be set to either four or eight ohms, as well as a detachable power cord and remote power trigger...»read full review

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