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THX Ultra2 Certified

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...Very convenient if you are using a single video connection between the AVM 50 and the display. Remote, Setup and Use The AVM 50's remote is a familiar one, shipped with many components.... Its plusses are being backlit, and while there are a lot of buttons many of the key buttons are different sizes so serious confusion seldom sets in.... And one of the most often used commands is the oddest.... There are separate buttons on the AVM 50's remote for those functions as well.... My threshold on remotes isn't whether they have eccentricities, but whether the eccentricities persist with use...»read full review

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(02/19/2010)...Anthem's new AVM 50v isn't a radical redesign of its predecessor, but it does add a batch of desirable new features - specifically, HDMI 1.... The AVM 50v's front panel is far from minimal, but the many uniform-size metal control buttons covering its brushed aluminum face are arranged in neat rows for a streamlined look.... Best of all, the AVM 50v's welcoming face lets you easily switch sources and audio processing modes without having to use a remote control.... There's also a bunch of custom-installation- oriented connections, including powered IR receiver inputs and emitter outputs, and an RS-232 port for linking to an advanced home control system.... You can store up to four separate video output memories, each one with unique settings that can be applied as the default for various sources...»read full review

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(01/15/2009)... For more information, please visit It'll internally decode all the new HD Audio codecs as well as come built-in with Anthem's new ARC software.... We've put in an order for one and should be receiving ours for our new dedicated HT that's set for completion sometime in Feb.... I'm just hesitant to pull the trigger with business as slow as it is...... The question is when... That is of course, unless the Emo Umc-1 is a complete sleeper and comes close to the performance level of one of these...»read full review

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... So I bit the bullet, opened my wallet, and joined in the fun.... The number 1080 refers to the number of vertical lines of resolution of the video screen, and the p stands for progressive scan.... The difference between progressive and interlaced scanning is the way each line of resolution is refreshed per frame.... Most HD networks put out 720p signals for most of their broadcasts, but the vast majority of cable channels still broadcast in ancient 480i.... Beginning with the AVM 2 in 2000, Anthem supplied a feature-rich processor that was then the state of the art while being relatively affordable...»read full review

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... This dichotomy has challenged many makers of high-end processors, and forced them to come up with creative solutions.... Furthermore, these components are usually designed on the basis of highly adaptable, sometimes modular platforms that can be more easily upgraded as technologies change.... Changes in the marketplace over the last six years, largely driven by the accelerated evolution of HDMI, have kept Anthem on its toes.... The three years since, which saw the advent of HDMI 1.3a and lossless surround-sound codecs, prompted the releases of the Anthem AVM 50v and the Anthem Statement D2v.... The composition of a 3D signal radically differs from that of a 2D signal. They began by using a new 3D signal-detection software for HDMI inputs 1-4 that instantly recognizes a 3D signal...»read full review

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