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THX Ultra2 Certified

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(04/01/2005)...Although home theatres with multi-channel surround systems have been commonplace since the early 1990s, there have been few options for the ultimate level in multi-channel reproduction.... Many are familiar with the likes of the Mark Levinson No.... The new model has many new improvements and some important additions. However, one addition that Anthem did not include with the AVM30 is extra cost.... The AVM30 trumps both of these products with full bass management and speaker-distance compensation for its multi-channel analog input. This feature has been long awaited and is long overdue.... Sharing the same general chassis size as its predecessor, the AVM30 is five-and-seven-eighths inches tall, 17 inches wide, 14 inches deep and weighs a hefty 28 pounds...»read full review

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...For the same price as a high-end receiver, you get all the same features and ease of use, but the power is at a clearly different level.... If you don't think small, attractive cabinets can provide powerful bass, then think again. These speakers sound good, look good, and offer a variety of mounting options...»read full review

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...For example, for some time now Bosch has made some of the finest jigsaws on the market.... High build quality is evident in a machined base plate that eliminates flex and improves accuracy, unlike the stamped-steel bases of cheaper saws.... When these three factors work in concert, they produce a superior tool.... My appreciation for these tools has increased with continued use, and the additional money spent on them has been returned many times over.... Also included is an RS-232 port for control of the system via high-end touchscreen remotes...»read full review

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