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...Many of our writers have converted to multi-channel systems for both music and movies.... This system is used for music, TV, and even the occasional movie. It is turned on from the time we get home from work till we go to bed at night, logging far more time than our home theater.... This trend has caused two-channel equipment to become more exotic or what might be call enthusiast equipment. Unfortunately along with this stigma comes a higher price.... Those who believe it is not possible to build a two-channel listening environment from multi-channel components should think again.... Anthem TLP-1 and PVA-2 Anthem has taken a slightly different approach to building a two-channel offering...»read full review

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(08/01/2003)...Today is just the opposite, with the overwhelming amount of available new gear encompassing the multi-channel music and movie arena.... Anthem Electronics is a company that has long prided itself in delivering value and performance to cost conscience consumers and may have just the ticket for multi-channel holdouts.... Sitting in the rack above the PVA2, the pair made a well-matched and aesthetically pleasing combination. The four-and-one-eighths-inch tall, 17.25-inch wide, 11.... As with the PVA2, there is an available black finished front panel if you prefer. The front panel layout is clean and simple, despite the fairly large number of controls.... The buttons are arranged into two rows of three for direct source selection, with the seventh button to select the recording input...»read full review

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... Anthem, a division of Sonic Frontiers, has a tradition of being a value-oriented company catering to the audiophile on a budget.... According to Nick Platsis of Anthem, the TLP 1 shares much of the same buffered and band-limited input-selectivity functions of the AVM 20.... Next to them is a slightly larger Record button with a headphone jack next in line.... So the TLP 1 gives its owner a number of connection choices and great flexibility.... In a world of one- or two-year warranties, it's good to know that you can get any problem you might encounter with the TLP 1 repaired well into the future. Very thoughtful...»read full review

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(06/01/2004)...The display usually shows which source, volume setting, and station frequency have been selected.... The next item to the left is the headphone jack, which provided adequate power for my Grado SR60s. This is followed by the display, and under it, two rows of buttons.... The second row begins with one button for balance and display brightness, three tone controls, and ends with the Mute and Contour buttons.... Purists can defeat the tone controls so that the input signals bypass them.... The HK sounded shrill and anemic by comparison. I could get more FM stations on my Rotel RA-02 tuner, and it picked up AM signals better, but the difference was slight...»read full review

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