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...The Paradigm/Anthem combo presented a wonderful window into the recording studio. Though originally mastered digitally at 24/96 before the transfer to vinyl, there was exceptional clarity to the recording and the attributes that I had come to love with this setup really shone through again...One album that I thought would do a good job of that was Metallica's classic release Ride The Lightning..»read full review

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(08/02/2009)...A good integrated can get you all of, if not better, performance then their separate siblings, save you a bit on cables and shelf space and cost less than most a-la carte options.... Take the Anthem 225 Integrated Amp reviewed here for instance.... The 225's build quality is first rate and has a level of control and adjustability not usually found with integrated amplifiers at any cost.... Now, about that home theater comment I made earlier. My very first foray into home theater wasn't a 5.1 rig the type that usually comes to mind when thinking of a home theater.... While I've come a long way since then, I have to say, rocking a two channel home theater with the 225 serving as the system's heart and soul isn't a bad way to go...»read full review

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(06/17/2009)...Before we jump into the review proper, some background may be in order.... But in the beginning, Anthem originated as the offshoot of a well-respected Canadian high-end audio company called Sonic Frontiers.... Balance control, tone controls with a tone bypass switch, and a mute switch.... Built-in phonostage suitable for use with moving magnet or high-output moving coil cartridges.... Built-in headphone amp. Superb, illuminated remote control...»read full review

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(09/11/2009)...The Anthem 225 is well-equipped and even includes a MM phono stage.... There's a sense here that one hand is giving, while the other is taking away, or that the design simply wants to be all things to all men.... Sound qualityFronted by the new Naim CDX2 CD player and a Cambridge Audio DacMagic driving a pair of NEAT Momentum 4i loudspeakers, the Integrated 225 turns in a musically rewarding performance.... Lee plays an Ernie Ball Music Man guitar, for instance, fitted with low-slung, single-coil pickups that give it a distinctive wiry tone with loads of bite and attack.... The rhythmic dexterity of the amplifier comes to the fore playing The Specials' Monkey Man track from the 30th Anniversary Tour CD...»read full review

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(03/01/2009)...The brand is part of Sonic Frontiers International, a company that started out in the early 1990s making only tube-based electronics.... It was superseded by the Integrated 2, a hybrid design that used tubes in its preamplifier and transistors in its power amp, and output 90Wpc into 8 ohms or 145Wpc into 4 ohms.... Description Not only is the 225 heavy, but its build quality is outstanding. This is no flimsy, throwaway integrated.... In fact, when the Integrated 225 first arrived, I was surprised by its weight.... Also on the rear are an RS-232 port, 12V trigger inputs and outputs, and an IEC receptacle for the detachable power cord...»read full review

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