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MSRP (each): N/A
Series: Chorus 800 V

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(01/11/2007)...In introducing the third generation, this leading French manufacturer has adopted a new initiative.... The much taller 836V has five drive units and is a full three-way design, delivering its bass output from a substantial triple-ported, triple-driver array.... The front, back, top and base are a contrasting high gloss black, and all the panels are 20-25mm thick, with further stiffening provided by internal bracing.... All four cone drivers have 165mm cast alloy frames and 115mm diameter paper cones coated with 'Polyglass' glass 'micro-spheres'.... This is mounted in a rigid-cast chassis at the top edge of the enclosure, and is unobstructed by the V-shaped grille...»read full review

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