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MSRP: $2,599.00
Release Year: 2008

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(02/25/2010)...The new cosmetic look of the 15 series is simply stunning and very elegant. More importantly, the 1560 posses two firsts for Rotel receivers.... Second, it decodes the latest high resolution movie codecs.... There are snippets here and there, but nothing from start to finish...»read full review

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(06/22/2009)...We use a lot of it but need to use less, so the ways in which we use it must become more responsible, creative, and resourceful.... Forget easy solutions, like swapping surround for stereo. With all other things being equal, five to seven channels use more power than two. But in real life, all things are rarely equal.... In energy efficiency, audio for home theater already occupies the high ground. As energy supplies peak and dwindle, this would be a good time to stake out even higher ground.... I also swapped out my old PC for an ENERGY STAR model that uses a quarter of the power, but I simultaneously upgraded my monitor from 17 to 24 inches.... However, when I need it, I crank it up gratefully, even if the local grid is burning up...»read full review

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(04/06/2009)...It would be reasonable to expect this higher-end RSX-1560 model to add those luxuries while remaining fairly static in the sonics, but that's not the case.... We're not actually going to respond critically to those two no-shows.... Besides, the important specs are already there - you get full HD audio decoding, four HDMIs in and one out, as well as video upscaling to 1080p.... It's not all perfect, though, and the midrange and treble, though exciting, also exhibit some hardness and sibilance that the '1550 avoided.... Similar story with CDPlug a CD player in and the stereo performance proves much the same...»read full review

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(02/01/2010)... Executive Overview There are a lot of people out there that are huge Rotel fans.... When one is looking to get into esoterica, this is often their entry-level purchase. Aesthetics alone push the Rotel offerings above the likes of the larger receiver manufacturers.... Enter the RSX-1560 Surround Sound Receiver. The Rotel RSX-1560 certainly has a lot of bells and whistles for a more esoteric brand.... The Rotel RSX-1560 has four HDMI inputs and one output all of which are HDMI 1.3a.... Video processing has not be left out with Faroudja handling the duties. This centralizes your video upconversion allowing you to get the best possible picture even with older, legacy gear...»read full review

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